I grew up in the fairly small town of Shelbyville, Indiana. I have always been involved with hunting and fishing as long as I can remember. I can remember my grandfather “Poppy” making three hook harnesses and putting them in a cut out piece of an empty milk carton to store them. Taking me to the gravel pits and teaching me how to fish. Hunting the nightcrawlers every night day’s before I was going fishing. Going to the creek and using a net to catch minnows and crawdads to use as bait. Going to visit Grandpa Adams with my dad when he was living on Morse Reservoir, knowing I would be able to go fishing every day with my dad and my uncle Gary. Spending summers with my other Uncles fishing all over the state of Indiana. Once I was able to drive, me and my best friends Jimmy and Timmy Balting floating down the river in a 14ft Jon Boat catching smallmouth. Spending time with these amazing people and my wonderful family is where I learned to bass fish.

After High School graduation, I joined the Army. I fished as much as I could while serving my country and raising a family. During my time at Fort Gordon, GA is where I first started getting a taste of tournament fishing. After 10 years of active duty I decided to pursue a life as a civilian, I attended technical school and started working as a software engineer. In 2015 while living in Hawaii and with the support of my beautiful wife Amber, I was able to move to Kentucky to get closer to family again for the first time in over 20 years. As soon as I arrived in Kentucky my love for Bass fishing started growing again. Once we were settled here I started getting right back into it. My wife probably thought I was crazy, buying rods, reels, tackle, a new truck and eventually a boat. She never complained once about it, just supported me 100% of the way. Even though I must continue to keep a full-time job, I try to compete in tournaments as often as possible. Hopefully, one day I will be able to take the next step and compete at a higher level. For now, I compete in club tournaments like the Renegade Series, USA Bassin and NTBA. I also compete in the RAM Truck Open Series when I am able and many other local opens, fundraisers and promotional events in the Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana area.

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